29/11/2013 07:44

Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with big parades and a big meal. In many homes, this national holiday is as important as Christmas.

Save the date: 28th November 2013. 

This holiday is always on the fourth Thursday in November. For Americans, It's also a long weekend without school or work. All over the United States, the roads and airports are filled with people going to visit their families.

The Pilgrims were a group of English Protestants. In the 17th century, they sailed to the New World looking for religious freedom. In England, they were persecuted for their religion. They came to America on a boat in 1690.


In 1620, some Pilgrims arrived in North America. They set up a colony in New England, but their first winter was very hard. They survived with the help of Native Americans who showed them how to hunt and plant. The next autumn, the Pilgrims had enough food for everyone. To give thanks, they invited the Native Americans to a big meal.


Pumpkings grow abundantly in the USA. They are ready to be eaten in the autumn -just in time to go in pumpkin pie. This dessert is a must at the end of the Thanksgiving meal.